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The term "rehabilitation" comes from the Latin word "rehabilis" which means the restoration of ability.

Rehabilitation is a complex and coordinated medical, social, pedagogical (training) and professional activities carried out in order to adapt the patient to new conditions of life and work in identifying and using his maximum reserve capabilities.

The main goal of medical rehabilitation is preventing disability, restoring and prolonging active life, social integration and ensuring an acceptable quality of life. The maximum objective is to achieve a full level of social services; the minimum task is to increase the patient's ability to self-care.

Rehabilitation is not only medicine.

In order to return a person to life as full as possible for him, a whole range of measures is being taken. An individual rehabilitation program is prepared for each.

The essence of rehabilitation is to restore a person’s abilities for domestic, social and professional activities. Therefore, specialists from various fields (organizers and founders, doctors, rehabilitologists, psychologists, teachers, occupational therapists, social workers, etc.) participate in the comprehensive rehabilitation process. Complex rehabilitation means prevention, treatment, and adaptation to life and work after illness.

Thus, a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation is implemented by a group of specialists with a multidisciplinary team. This team includes: a doctor, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a neuropsychologist (if necessary, a psychotherapist), a speech therapist, and a nurse. Each of these specialists conducts his own examination, during which he receives objective data about the patient's condition (his somatic, physical, speech, cognitive, emotional and social status).

Where to get rehabilitation and how to get to rehabilitation centers? This question worries everyone who cares about the health of people close to them, because recovery from a stroke is the longest and most responsible process, on which it depends on whether a person will live a full life again. And most patients will have to learn to sit, stand again, We will help in solving this issue, and the best doctors of the best medical centers will be engaged in the rehabilitation of your relatives.

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