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A beautiful smile is a testament to the health and well-being of a person. Smiling, we express our positive emotions and feelings, and also establish a connection with the outside world and realize ourselves as a person. Unfortunately, nature does not give everyone an impeccable smile with snow-white, even teeth.

Today, dentistry is built on a system of fundamentally new approaches that are being successfully implemented in the world: the most modern equipment and new specialists who are able to fully utilize its potential; maximum use of high-tech diagnostic and treatment methods; high quality of consumables, providing the best result; expanding outpatient treatment opportunities; clear organization of the clinic, guaranteeing the absence of queues even for the most popular services, as well as the efficiency and comfort of service.

The treatment is carried out in the following areas:

  • Therapy is dental treatment, caries treatment, treatment of acute dental diseases, treatment of gum disease, tooth restoration, aesthetic restoration, professional hygiene.
  • Surgery is the extraction of teeth, the removal of wisdom teeth, the treatment of flux, dental implants.
  • Prosthetics. Fixed tooth prosthetics (crowns, inlays, bridges), removable prosthetics..
  • Orthodontics is the correction of the bite and alignment of teeth using removable (plates, trainers, mouth guards) and fixed (belt systems made of metal, plastic, ceramics, sapphire) orthodontic appliances.
  • Radiography (a panoramic and dental radiography).
  • Implantation.

When one or several teeth are missing, there is not only a problem with the aesthetics of the smile. Incomplete dentition causes difficulties during eating; diseases of the gastrointestinal tract appear.

Previously, such problems were solved with the help of bridges, which were fixed on neighboring teeth. This option was quite justified if large carious cavities were found on these teeth, there were sealed canals and fillings. However, in the case when the adjacent teeth are beautiful and healthy, an implant placement is more suitable.

The second advantage of implantation, in addition to refusing tooth grinding and the ability to maintain their health, is the absence of restrictions on the number of elements. It doesn't matter how many teeth you have. Implantation will restore the dentition of even a large extent.

An important advantage of such an operation is stopping bone loss in the area where the tooth is missing. When the bone does not experience normal stress, it begins to atrophy over time. Upon implantation (implantation) of a missing tooth, the balance is restored.

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