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Chinese medicine is not only a restoration of health, but also a whole philosophy. These are qualified doctors, modern equipment, as well as knowledge, the wisdom of generations in one bottle.
Chinese medical centers are very popular all over the world. The prices for treatment in China are quite low, the clinics use modern equipment and highly qualified staff.
In Chinese medicine, currently treatment is carried out in three main directions: traditional, western and mixed medicine. Modern medical technologies in combination with ancient secrets of healing, attentive and responsible Chinese doctors, affordable prices for treatment and attractive tourist status. All this allows China to take a worthy and deserved place on the map of international medical tourist routes.
Today, treatment in China is safe, profitable and convenient. The high quality of services and the ability to simultaneously relax compensates the necessity for a trip abroad.

One of the most popular areas of medicine in China is dentistry.

Reasons to choose China for dental treatment:

- dentistry is cheaper in China than in many other countries, even considering the cost of the trip;
- Chinese medicine is focused on painless treatment and comfort;
- everything is done quickly. –°Dental procedures will be surprisingly fast, because Chinese dentistry is as robotic and automated as possible. Manufacturing of prostheses will take just a few days, because all the work is performed as accurately and error-free as possible by the computer.. And in your free time you can have a good rest;
- clinics give a guarantee for their work of 3, 5, 7 and even 15 years, depending on the procedure;
- Chinese dentists strive to preserve the teeth of patients in 100% of situations. Many Chinese dentists specialize in eliminating congenital defects of the teeth, while being a categorical opponent of their extraction. The preferred alternative is restoration (the process of restoring the aesthetic beauty of the teeth). Clinics in China have unique technology and equipment that removes cracks, chips, bumps, caries, and blackouts from the surface of the tooth. Most often, they offer to remove the tooth only in the most extreme case, of which there are very few in Chinese practice. But even then, the course of the procedure will be painless, and a prosthesis at the site of the tooth will be ideal;
- modern technologies and equipment. The bulk of dental clinic doctors are high-level specialists, practicing scientists, and even doctors of sciences. And for medical care there are used advanced medical equipment from the USA, Germany, South Korea and France.

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